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Windows 8

All our applications are fully supporting new user interface of the Windows 8 and also work on ARM processors. Of course there is also the development of the so-called Legacy apps that work in classic desktop view.


We develop the Windows phone applications (for which we are specializing) and Android applications. Our goal is always to create an application that will operate easily, smoothly, and of course be stable and graphically nicely designed.


Naturaly we are creating web sites. The aim of our designers and programmers is always create unique and functional design that is optimized for all devices. We can create everything from simple static presentations to dynamic content management systems tailored to the specific needs of the client.


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about us

7 Software Company Ltd. was founded at the end of 2012. We are a young company full of young, creative people whose goal is to move communication via mobile devices in Slovakia closer to the world level...and more meaningless talk :)

As the first operating system that we have begun to support Windows Phone and Windows 8 with its unique design and excellent functionality.

Application development does not end with Windows applications, but we fully support the development of the applications for Android and iOS operating systems, where our goal is to support applications not only within phones but also tablets.

The company also deals with web presentations and complex database systems using SQL, PHP and Java scripts.


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